• Donna Kousma - physical
  • Mike Pine - surgery 11/17
  • Caden Pine - MRI
  • Ann Jaquay - knee surgery/healing
  • Sue Gilbert - surgery recovery
  • Linda Nunnally (Edna's niece) - cancer
  • Patti Reinhart - physical
  • Jane Lima (friend of Sue Adkins) - cancer/chemo
  • Paul Spears - physical
  • Bev Minich - physical
  • Lee Chronister - physical
  • Jessica Gerber - work situation
  • Jim Robinson - therapy & healing
  • Becky Karl - breast cancer
  • Pheinix Eitle - Gillian Barre Syndrome
  • Ernie Ingold - physical healing
  • Karen - stage 4 colon cancer
  • Mike O'Neil - cancer
  • Steve Tyrell - cancer
  • Dick Lyman - lung cancer 
  • Mike Jackson - stage 4 lung cancer
  • Sue Jerdan (Nancy Eldridge's sister) - chemo treatments
  • Judy Ream (Ann Jaquay's sister) - continued healing
  • Sherry Vanderpool Jr. - continued healing
  • Kim Myers - cancer
  • Grace Giles - leukemia
  • Cindy Delarber - bone cancer / recovery
  • Tammy Prelipp - cancer
  • Our service men & women, government, those in mission field


You're familiar with New Year's Resolutions, right? Statistics show that 40% of Americans consistently make resolutions (mostly about self-improvement), and only 8% actually achieve their goals. It seems kinda silly, doesn't it, to put off starting something until Jan. 1st that we likely won't finish anyway? Let's start a new paradigm! Join us this Sunday for inspiration and motivation as Pastor Rich encourages us to JUST START. Just start what?? The answer is unique to YOU. Come Sunday to find out!


While preparing for this Sunday's message, I came across this fabulous quote by Zig Ziglar:

"The way you see your future determines your thinking today. Your thinking today determines your performance today. Your performance in the todays of your life determines your future."

I'm looking forward to sharing some motivation and inspiration with you this Sunday as together we "JUST START".

See you this weekend,
Pastor Rich